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What values did you elicit this week? Did they surprise you at all?

I encourage you to practice values elicitation and we will set up a practice pod for this.

Our meta program sessions were interesting too – were there any surprises there? As discussed, you can now elicit meta programs with your friends and family.

This week, we are covering:

1. Anchoring
2. Tasking
3. Getting visible with your message


There is no pre-work for this session. I’ll be facilitating the session live where you’ll learn more about helping our clients to change or create emotional states using Anchoring.


The pre-work for our second call is to:

  1. Watch the Tasking Video
  2. Create a list of tasks that you know you’ll have the majority of your clients complete (whether that’s for 1:1 or group programs)
  3. Begin to design the tasks and create worksheets, videos, audio downloads or schedule a future time to do so.

Please note that we also have a range of done for you tasks that will be available in the Membership area late next week, once you’ve had a chance to review and design your own.

Visibility Plans

In our second session, I’ll also be covering off your visibility plans and ask what you’re getting out there into the world. Whether that’s a blog post, your messaging or your opt-in or offer.

Looking forward to it as always.

Best wishes